Youth Camp

Edval Tours as private organization invest positively in the growth and development of youth. Thus, we organize youth development camp for children from the age of 6years old and above. Our youth Camp is committed to your child’s growth and development. Measuring how camps are doing to address the potential of every child is an integral part of Edval Tours’ mission. Camp is both a laboratory and a catalyst for child development. By studying campers’ experiences and camp’s impact on the lives of young people, Edval Tours provides parents with the knowledge to make good decisions, to thoughtfully guide their children, and to offer opportunities for powerful lessons in community, character building, skill development, and healthy living. Camp is a powerful, positive force. Children reported significant growth in:

  • Self-esteem
  • Peer relationships
  • Independence
  • Adventure and exploration
  • Leadership
  • Environmental awareness
  • Friendship skills
  • Values and decisions
  • Social comfort
  • Spirituality



Study has indicated that youth development camp is a unique educational institution and a positive force in youth development. The camp experience can benefit children by increasing:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Social skills and making friends
  • Independence and leadership qualities
  • Willingness to try and adventurousness
  • Spiritual growth, especially at camps focused on spirituality.


Why don’t you take this opportunity to enroll your ward for next Edval Tours leadership and educational camp for children and youth in the primary and secondary school? Edval Tours is equipped with qualified educationalists, counselors and security personnel. We provide quality services you will find satisfactory.

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