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images (33)Edval Tours provides you with wide range of Nigeria Tours Packages and Holidays to enjoy the best vacation and holiday in Nigeria where you can be connected to nature, tourist attractions sites, Game Reserves, monuments sightseeing, Resort, parks and the ancient Kingdoms during your visit. Our Nigeria Tour Packages are categories into the following packages:

  • Platinum Package
  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package
  • Bronze Package

Enjoy Nigeria Holiday Tours, as we offer you various affordable Packages, with the opportunity to spend a memorable vacation discover ancient cities, Kingdoms, cultures, resorts, waterfall, game reserve, parks, and monuments of Nigeria while on a boat, bus ride and flight across major regions of Nigeria. Take a tour today

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    City tour
    1. Western Nigeria city tour
    2. Eastern Nigeria city tour
    3. South-Eastern Nigeria city Tour
    4. East Central Nigeria city Tour
    5. Northern Nigeria city Tour
    6. North Western Nigeria city Tour
    7. North Eastern Nigeria city Tour
    8. North Central Nigeria city Tour
    9. Nigeria customize Tour
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    Nature/eco tour

    Edval Tours brings you closer to Nigeria natural resources, the people, and their culture and give you the best Historian, Geographer, Sociologist as your Tour guide, with this professional, comes experience Nigeria for yourself. Our professional standard ensure your visit lives on in your memory.

    Edval Tours multilingual, experienced and friendly Tours guides offer a unique, dynamic, inclusive and constructive approach of showing you Nigeria, allowing you time and freedom for self-exploration and personal experiences. We immerse you into local lifestyles whilst respecting our indigenous cultures, traditions and natural resources giving you a total understanding of the uniqueness of Naija.

    At Edval Tours we ensure your tour is secure with our security personnel, staying in local communities, visiting tourist attraction in each host community gives our tourists full opportunity to learn about the History, culture and environment of Nigeria. We spoil you with our local delicacy and drinks, because we are determine in promoting our culture our Nature/Eco tour packages is tailored to suit all budgets, with everything from, transportation ,meal and hotel taken care of, we make you truly free as nature. Please see below for the different Nature/Eco packages we offer.

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    Historical/Culture Tours

    Travelling is an education we all must avail ourselves for and if you are out to add to your knowledge then Edval Tours History/Cultural package is the right education you need in the course on Nigeria’s heritage and cultural activities. Come on with our season professional Historians as they take you through the Historical Journey of the various regions of Nigeria (visiting of monuments or sites), as well as experiences and interaction with local people. The tour Package take you on communities trips across Nigeria and incorporate some form of cultural, heritage or historical activity; so that you are free to interact with the people and learn what you wouldn’t find in books. This package is ideal for anyone, Academician and Researcher into the History and people of this great Nation, won’t you rather travel with us?

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    Back-to-the root tours

    Are you a Nigerian? Have you dreamt of Coming to Nigeria and you don’t have anyone in Nigeria to take you round or show you round? Or do you have the unquenched urge to get back to your root then you don’t need to worry, Edval Tours is the family you need to get back to your root. Meet the Edval Team of Tours guide and your need will be satisfy. Just a package and you are back to your root. Book your package now

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    Market/shopping tours

    There are over thousands Markets in Nigeria that will satisfy your shopping need so if you need a guide to locate all your Needs in Nigeria, Edval Tours Markets/Shopping package will meet your need. Are you coming to Nigeria soonest for business then let be your guide with this wonderful package. Come to the famous adire market in Ogun, the Igun brass market in Benin, leather dye market in Kano and numerous ancient markets of Nigeria. Book now….

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    Festival Tours

    Nigeria is the largest country in Africa so is she bless with spectacular festivals yearly, are you a festival enthusiast so Nigeria is your destination. There are many festival in Nigeria, such as the Argungu Fishing Festival of Kebbi State, Kano Durbar Kano State, Katsina Durbar Katsina State, Minna Durbar Niger State, Nyonyo Fishing Festival Taraba,INE Festival Isele Uku, Delta State,Igboukwu New Yam Festival Anambra State ,Usi Day Celebration Ekiti State,Calabar carnnival Cross River State,Osun Osogbo Festival Osun State,Ilero Ekiti Cultural Festival Ekiti State,Igue Festival Benin, Edo State,Owu Day Celebration Ogun State,Olokun Festival Badagry,Lagos State ,Olojo Festival Ile-Ife, Osun State,Ojude Oba Festival Ijebu –Ode, Puuskat Festival Mangu, Plateau State,Igbo Uturu Cultural Carnival Abia State,Ovia Osese Festival Ogori, Kogi State, Nupe Day Celebration Niger State, Beere Festival Saki, Oyo State and Kwagh-hir/ Masquerade Festival Makurdi, Benue State.

    Whatever your Festivals bucket list is, Nigeria is the choice destination, Edval tours will take you there to experience cultural in its originality. Book now

Platinum Package

Enjoy  with Edval Tours wide range of Nigeria Holiday Packages and Vacations, we offer you Platinum Western, Eastern, Southern Nigeria tours where you can spend a memorable vacation covering almost Nigeria’s natural endow tourist attractions (sightseeing). As you will enjoy a flight and Road Cruise while you are discovering Larger Parts of Nigeria monuments. Tours takes 2weeks to one week

  1. Cab Pickup
  2. Best Hotel Resorts
  3. Flight/Road trip
  4. Tourist attractions
  5. Mineral throughout the tour
  6. Breakfast/Dinner
  7. Entertainment
  8. Stop over shopping
  9. Airport Transfer


Gold Package

Spend long holiday in Nigeria with one of Edval Tours Holidays to South-south and  Western  Nigeria Bus Cruise Gold Package, as your tour will cover apparently most of Nigeria’s tourist attractions and natural endowment, monuments and resorts; you will experience the cultural atmosphere while you travel across the south-south and western regions of Nigeria. Tours takes one week

  1. Hotels in Various Destination
  2. Road trip with Air-condition Bus
  3. Tourist attractions
  4. Mineral throughout the tour
  5. Breakfast
Silver Package

We offer you Edval tours Silver package Bus Cruise Holidays where you can enjoy an interesting vacation in Nigeria discovering several attractions during your stay in the country and you will be relaxing in the Best Resort and Hotel; with daily tours across Nigeria. Tours takes 4-5 days

  1. Hotels
  2. Road trip
  3. Mineral throughout the tour
  4. Tourist attractions
  5. Breakfast
Bronze Package

Enjoy Nigeria Holiday Tours, as we offer you Bronze Package, with the opportunity to spend a memorable vacation discover ancient cities, Kingdoms, monuments of Nigeria while on a bus ride across major regions of Nigeria. Tours takes 1-3 Days

  1. Hotels
  2. Road trip
  3. Tourist attractions
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