As one of the largest employers in Nigeria’s Tourism sector, Edval Tours strives to create one of the biggest programs of talent management in the country.

People are the soul of our organization and we seek, identify and attract passionate, intelligent and energetic people who can fit seamlessly into our culture, be good leaders and put to work today what will bring tomorrow’s dreams to reality.

Career Opportunities

Our talent search spans from fresh graduates to top level executives who thrive within our structured grading system that fosters opportunities for performance driven career development throughout the organization. Amongst our biggest departments are Strategic Business, Strategic Resource and Strategic Support Units, which include:

  •  Management
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Accounting& Fund Management
  • Tour Guide
  • Legal Services
  • Human Capital Management
  • Marketing & Corporate Communication
  • Information Technology
  • Our Team

The Edval Tours team has over 1000 people in over 36 branches in Nigeria, 11 subsidiaries and representative offices all over the world to offer full-suite travel services as well as in involvement in sectors varying from Tourism and flight/hotel booking management to event and property management.

Career CV Upload