Health and Fitness camp

 Edval Tours organize Health and Fitness camp for the general public whose busy schedule would not allow to exercise but would rather relax to the daily life style that have resulted in increase in weight. In controlling Obesity one has to be discipline and that cannot be guarantee of everyone, that is why Edval Tours’ Health and Fitness Camp is the ideal place for weight control. Edval Tours’ Health and Fitness camp is gear towards bring people with health issues to our well equip camp with our season Fitness Professional and medical Specialists.

Obesity is the gate way to other dangerous diseases, at Edval Tours Health Camp, you can drop amazing weight and detox your system; and all you need is the help of Edval Tours professionals. Learn How to plan your diet and stay in shape with our Health and Fitness Camp. The Edval Tours’ Health and Fitness Camp gives you the opportunity to meet with other who through the camp had drop tremendous weight thus giving you that strong will that you too can do it. Don’t waste time and resource in Gym when you only return to your old habit after all, try Edval Tours Health and Fitness’ camp today. Losing weight has never being this fun

Our Health and Fitness package come in 2week to three weeks package

  • Pickup
  • Airport transfer
  • Camp
  • Massages
  • Health Drink
  • Plan Diet
  • Daily vital Signs check
  • Daily detox
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