Global Holiday Packages

We at Edval Tours is committed in promoting our rich cultural heritage(tourist attraction) across the nation you never knew existed, let surprise you with rich holiday package across the nation and excite you with Africa Pride. Whether you dreamt of green beaches and blue waters of the Far East or it was the class and romance of Europe, Edval Tours is ready to fill your backpacks. Our selection of holidays is on a truly national and global scale. We can organize trailer-made itineraries to a vast array of destinations. Our tour-packages offer travelers included sightseeing and a choice of optional excursions, a dynamic blend of transportations (we make getting there part of the fun) as well as clean and comfortable pre-selected hotels. We offer that something special when it comes to finding your perfect holiday and take pride in providing more choice for our customers.

Our commitment to ensuring excellent service is enhanced by our destination specialists who can piece together a totally unique holiday experience suited to your holiday requirements. We invite dreamers to become doers by making that special effort in everything we plan for you. We happily turn your travel dreams into reality.